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Interweb Moving February 28, 2008

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I did it. Since I blogged so faithfully in January and most of February I have decided to take a plunge. Coupled with the fact that I am moving in the physical world, I figured I may as well get all of my change and turmoil at once! Besides I hear that Saturn is in return and theoretically I shall be hitting my quarterlife crisis momentarily.

The new place is http://blog.halfacregoods.com. The site name would give you the impression that I plan to sell something. Perhaps I shall, in another 5+ years when I have time to breathe. 🙂 I kid, I have no trouble breathing, there is simply a lot coming up in my life with the move, family stuff and work. Someday I will finish my Master’s project and then I will feel qualified to try and do something amazing!

All of the entries from this page have been whooshed over to the new blog. I promise to try very hard not to break everything right away. 😀

PS – I took out the trash!


Setting up shop July 17, 2007

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I finally have all of my other blogs imported here and will be closing my other accounts by the end of summer. It will still probably be another couple of weeks before I get all of the new kinks worked out and all of the images moved over to my new hosting site so that I can update the image links.

The boy and I went to Cleveland this weekend to see my uncle in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I was even able to finish one of my mother’s socks on the ride up.
Mom's sock

If you were wondering why I haven’t been blogging for awhile it’s because I have been spending a considerable amount of my free time on Ravelry finding all sorts of new patterns to make. Hooray! You should really go check it out and get on the waiting list.

Moving… July 12, 2007

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Just moved over to WordPress and I am trying to import my old LJ, Xanga and MySpace blogs into here. Will update later.