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Calling all writers… August 11, 2006

Posted by littlewit in Xanga.

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The unions are once again attempting to do the true work of unions. The new unfortunate and under represented lot are Reality TV workers who claim they should be classified as writers. I am sure you didn’t know that there could be writers for Reality TV. But alas, you would be sadly mistaken. Reality TV is like a documentary, a very sensational documentary with lots of sex appeal (unlike Michael Moore). As any true student of film would know, even a documentary has directoral bias. They tell the story that the director wants you to know. So the argument that these Reality TV workers who are editing and forming the show should be classified as writers holds a lot of weight in my book. Which of course only counts if anyone is reading it…

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1. Anonymous - August 22, 2006

Yeah. I feel bad for Reality TV writers. And me. When I’m forced by a friend to watch Reality TV.

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